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Make Money on YouTube

Дата: 5 Январь 2020 Рубрика: Бизнес Комментарии: Нет комментариев

Direct advertising. Perhaps this is the easiest way to make money — just mention a certain company in the video. There are several ways to do this: transparent icons; water marks; text message; picture; advertising in the course of the story during the video. For simplicity, let’s take a travel company organizing tours to Europe. Naturally, the manager of such a company will look for travel-related channels. And it’s enough for the blogger to put a splash screen with advertising of this travel agency, lasting 3-4 seconds at the beginning of each video. Payment comes to the channel owner directly from the partner company at a fixed price for each video, or their cycle. We use Google Adsense. Another type of advertising that looks like messages that appear during the video. The... Далее...