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make-money-on-youtubeDirect advertising.

Perhaps this is the easiest way to make money — just mention a certain company in the video. There are several ways to do this:

  • transparent icons;
  • water marks;
  • text message;
  • picture;
  • advertising in the course of the story during the video.

For simplicity, let’s take a travel company organizing tours to Europe. Naturally, the manager of such a company will look for travel-related channels. And it’s enough for the blogger to put a splash screen with advertising of this travel agency, lasting 3-4 seconds at the beginning of each video.

Payment comes to the channel owner directly from the partner company at a fixed price for each video, or their cycle.
We use Google Adsense.

Another type of advertising that looks like messages that appear during the video. The most interesting thing is that YouTube independently selects the ones suitable for the content — the viewer will not see the advertisement for the ski resort in the bathroom repair record.

Payment is charged for the clicks of viewers on these messages. It is important to note that no effort is required from the author of the videos at all, because the system itself selects the advertisement and displays it on the screen. This technique brings a steady income, although it is not very high.

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But this type of earnings is able to bring the greatest income. But it has the most difficulties in implementation, because you need:

  • independently produce something or provide services;
  • regularly shoot about this video, while maintaining their usefulness and relevance;
  • to convince the viewer not only that your products are worthy of attention, but also that you need to buy them;
  • constantly receive new subscribers, and, accordingly, potential customers.

The main advantage is that the owner of the channel receives all the earnings, without giving part of it to either the advertiser or the hosting system.

Affiliate monetization.

Almost completely similar to the previous paragraph, with one significant difference — the blogger, shooting a video, does not sell goods or services of his own production, but from a third-party company. For each sale using video, the author receives commission payments, depending on the contract with the customer. Also, such channels often place links, mentions or tips requested by the manufacturer, and also receive payment for them.

Operation of other people’s videos.

This technique, in fact, is not blogging. Its essence is to upload popular videos made by others to the channel and insert advertisements or links to their sponsors into them according to the subject. The income is quite high, and earning in this way has an undeniable advantage — the content creates as quickly as possible. Actually, it is not created at all, but simply copied from other channels.

But there are cons, and quite significant:

  • own “brand” and recognition do not develop at all, which means that the influx of regular viewers is minimal;
  • copyright infringement is a serious violation for which the owners of the materials used may even sue;
  • there is no insurance that YouTube will not block a channel using other people’s videos;
  • it’s impossible to adjust the content to changing trends, because the theme of the clips is chosen by a third-party author.

A fairly popular method, although it is associated with high risks of losing the channel.

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